Why Can't Tin Box Manufacturer Quote You Price Immediately

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Why can't tin box manufacturers give customers the first time quotation, what are the factors related to the price of tin?

Often encountered customers on the whatsapp ,skype or call to consult the tin box, some customers want to know the price to the size. The customer can not understand why I gave you the size, the number of why can not give me a rough price! At this time, we will ask the customer several questions. For example, how many are customized? What are the requirements for printing and so on? However, even if we know this, we cannot give the price immediately. Of course, we can also tell the customer a price irresponsibly, but this is a disrespect to the customer.

In fact, it takes a little time for the clerk to quote by factory. The calculation price of the tin box manufacturer is calculated based on tinplate raw material cost, labor cost, packaging cost, transportation cost, and auxiliary material cost of the tin box. These costs are also due to geographical factors. There will be fluctuations in the difference, which will affect the price of the entire tin box, so a price will take into account many factors.

Materials, the tin box packaging materials are most commonly used in tinplate and frosted iron, the price of the two materials is not the same, frosted iron due to different materials and processes, want to slightly higher prices for tinplate. In the customization process, the materials are selected according to the needs of the packaging, and the material is a factor that determines the cost of the tin box.

Iron box structure, the common iron box structure has a can, two-piece cans, three-piece cans, multi-piece cans, etc., the more the number of iron material, the higher the production cost; and the shape, round, square, The prices of rectangular and other conventional sizes will be lower than those of complex, can-shaped and heart-shaped products.

For printing, choose the iron material and choose the printing process. The printing plate can be divided into two types: single-sided or double-sided, and the cost of single-sided printing is slightly lower than that of double-sided printing. The cost price of multi-color printing relative to four-color printing will be relatively high. Complex production processes, such as engraving, stretching, craters, etc., have high production costs. In respect of oiling, it is generally light matte oil and gold oil. In the case of special requirements, the choice of pearl oil, explosive oil, wrinkle oil and other oil prices also directly affect the cost of tin.

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