Which Country Originated Packing Tin

- May 09, 2018 -

Tinplate was first produced in Bohemia (now Czech and Slovakia). Since ancient times, it has been rich in metal, advanced in technology, and knows how to use hydraulic power to manufacture machinery. It has been producing tinplate since fourteenth Century. For a long time, it has been the main producing area of tinplate in the world. Tinplate was used to make tableware and drinking utensils at that time. In seventeenth Century, Britain, France and Sweden all wanted to build their own tinplate industry, but they did not develop because they needed a lot of money. It was not until 1811 when Brian Donkin and John Hall set up tinned canned food that the tinplate manufacture developed on a large scale. Today, the world produces about 250 thousand tons of tin each year, and more than 1 / 3 is used to make tinplate, most of which is used for canned food industry.

It mainly produces sheet thickness 0.15mm- several millimeters, no specification, type is tinplate according to thickness: Zn and Fe alloy (Zn is coating).

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