What Should Be Prepared Before Sending Samples?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

There are two situations for mailing:


I: Send the company's existing samples. That is, samples are taken from the normal production of the company and sent to the customer. In this case, the cost of the business is relatively low, but companies with higher value of the single product will still be cautious.


II: Proofing and sending. That is, according to customer requirements, special production samples are sent to customers.


Therefore, we need to do the following:


One: First discuss with customers about the need for sample charges.

Two: Before sending samples, you must check the quality of the goods.

Three: You can have a little innovation when sending samples.

When sending samples, you can put some cards in the samples or put some small gifts (can represent some of our small gifts with Chinese characteristics, such as Chinese knots, etc.)



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