What Is The State Of Development Of Metallic Materials?

- Mar 20, 2018 -

In recent years, the changes and development directions of metal tubes are: a. To increase the strength of materials and reduce the thickness of substrates, to save material materials of metal materials to a greater extent, and to reduce costs; b. To reduce the amount of tin plating of tinplate; c. To replace aluminum box with tinplate box, due to high cost of aluminum, and the price instability, countries have used tin instead of aluminum to produce two-piece cans, in order to package food and beverages; d use resistance welding, to achieve lead-free pollution; e aluminum foil instead of plastic and paper, because aluminum foil is easy to recycle and less polluting the environment, using aluminum foil instead of plastic and paper is a good development direction.

Many foods can be packaged in cans made of aluminum foil.

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