What Are The Factors Affect Of The Tinplate Price?

- Mar 23, 2018 -

The tinplate box is now widely used in the global market, and there are countless applications in the industry. However, to say that we are more common tin box packaging products, it should be those food iron boxes, gift tin boxes, tea iron that are widely available in the market. Boxes, basically all of them can be seen walking around in various stores. The package sizes used by different products are also different, and the corresponding specifications in each iron box manufacturer are the same but the models are quite different. Now, there are many specifications for tinplate boxes, which are basically personalized. The size is also a major factor that affects the price of tinplates. What are the other factors? The following is a simple list for you by the iron box manufacturers:

The production price of tinplate box is generally determined according to the specifications, printing requirements, quantity and other special production requirements that the customer wants to customize. The regular quotation of tinplate box includes items such as: mold opening cost (or remodeling cost), specification size, iron material, proofing cost, design expense, product unit price, packaging details, delivery time and so on. Therefore, the custom size of the tin box is only the tip of the iceberg. The specifications of the tin box also determine the amount of iron needed for the final tin production. Therefore, sometimes, some customers may not be able to contact after receiving business quotation, because customers feel that the business offer is too far away from their budget price, so Xiaobian reminds you here to purchase friends if there is a custom tinplate box. In order to meet the demand, we must understand in advance the cost structure of the tin box, so that after receiving the quoted price of the business, it will not be scared because of the large difference between the budget price and the heart.





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