Tinplate Iron Box Packaging Recycling Is Receiving Much Attention

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Tinplate, according to the records, originated in Bohemia, and was mainly used to make tableware and drinking utensils at that time. Tinplate was called "foreign iron" in China in the early years. In recent years, tinplate has been widely used by ordinary people because of its large use in food packaging such as moon cakes, tea, and health supplements.

The surface of tinplate is coated with a layer of tin, which is non-toxic and harmless. It can prevent moisture and oxidation. It has been the packaging material for oleochemical, daily chemical, medical and health, cultural and educational supplies, food and cosmetics. What is important is that the appearance of the tinplate is very beautiful, and because of the pursuit of convenient and comfortable life by the Chinese people, the usage and price of the tinplate have always been rising.

Endless packaging

The tinplate box is used in a huge amount, and the shape and printing are exquisite.

Through visiting the tea wholesale market, some tea packaging is colorful and luxurious. A tea merchant believes that the most important thing in tea business is packaging. "Deluxe packaging should meet the psychological needs of consumers, and the more luxurious, the more profitable."

Under this trend, tinplate has been used in a large number of tea packaging. In order to reflect the high-end luxury, the production is also more and more beautiful, and even "exquisitely excessive."

Wasted "mine"

The huge amount of use and over-packaging is reflected in the recycling of materials. Tinplate is a highly valuable metal material, but because of its low recycling rate in China, the metal packaging industry is also blamed.

Some environmentalists have suggested that in China, an effective mechanism for the recovery of complete packaging waste and related policy packages have not yet been formed. The waste of resources is very powerful.

Japan can be regarded as the most severely over-packaged country, but its recycling has been done very finely and has already formed a virtuous circle. The Japanese government requires that the used metal iron box be placed as a resource waste in a designated place, and the resource recovery vehicle will be transported to a dedicated resource center. After recycling the iron box material, it is used in iron-clad parts or even high-speed rails in various buildings. In Germany and France, the government required the recycling of metal wastes, and the recovery rate of tin boxes in Germany and France was as high as 73.8%.

It is understood that there are only four destinations for the tinplate boxes that the public has used after a short period of time: self-retention, reuse, sale of waste, and disposal. After the tinplate packaging is unpacked, it will continue to store other teas and foods, or it can be used for the storage of sundries. Reuse means that a certain high-grade tea tin box will be completely preserved, and the tea of the same variety and other varieties will be filled and then transferred to others, which is reused. The tinplate boxes stored in the recipient's home, except for the unique and beautiful appearance, will be sold as waste, and some will be discarded along with the household garbage.

An environmentalist said that cheap beer bottles can be recycled, and the tinplate is a one-time consumer product. This is a mine that was seriously wasted...

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