The Traditional Tea Tin Production Process

- Dec 12, 2017 -

1, the production of tea tin is the first step to design good draft, printed tin.

In the 2 and second process, the iron material in front is open and the size of the blade is cut evenly.

3, the third step is the main process of making tea tin, forming and punching to box. In general, a complete tea tin to respectively make the box cover and the box body bottom, a dozen to twenty to the procedure to complete.

The process of stamping can't be careless. This process is the biggest consumption of products, every link must be strictly executed, whether there is scratch on the surface of the product, whether there is batch slit in the reeling line, whether the buckle position is fastened. Punching is completed, to do the final finishing work, the product packaging department clean and packed, every corner of the tea tin are clean, reduce the defective goods into the finished product.

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