The Origin Of The Tea Box

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Since human beings have the habit of tea drinking, container for tea began to appear and constantly updated, the earliest tea box is not a box but pottery, Xia and Shang dynasties have appeared; with the wealth of material wealth to raise the level of human life, slowly appeared that a large number of tools to replace human Handmade, especially in the iron after the emergence of production tools has been greatly enriched, in the spring and Autumn period, people have iron and wood iron tools after iron casting and farming tools, wooden tea box began to appear in Chinese in human history. At that time, the tea box was made for the special tea, which was usually used as a special instrument in the noble and noble family.

Because the tea from tea garden and the mountain, first contact with tea or ordinary people, so the tea box slowly appear in people's homes, but the tea box people's homes relative work is not detailed enough, even with bamboo as the tea box use; with the continuous development of the tea box style, making materials updated progress, tea box of the Ming and Qing Dynasties appeared in silk lined, attached wooden embryo, wooden body also began carving, painting, painting process of this event also appeared in the ceramic tea pot batch for distribution in the tea box, typical characters: The Empress Dowager Ci Xi, Longjing summer drink in winter, and quite particular about drinking Pu'er tea tea box.

The development of tea boxes is greatly developed in modern and contemporary era. At the same time, the development of tea boxes is partly due to the etiquette derived from Chinese culture. In modern times, due to the great progress of material wealth, the emergence of advanced equipment and the flow of gifts in late Qing and Ming Dynasty, the tea has been promoted to a certain height, and the tea box has been developing rapidly. The development of the tea box in the true sense is contemporary in after the reform and opening up, taking economic construction as the center under the direction of the policy, people's material life life has been growing, and promote people's way of life to improve living standards, the tea box has made rapid progress at this stage in China the tea box production a large number of clusters: with Guangdong as the center of the southern high-grade tea box cluster, with Zhejiang as the center of the southeast and tea production clusters, with Shandong as the center of the wood logs tea packing box cluster. And the formation of tea box production and consumption market, great at home and abroad since twenty-first Century, the tea box market to gift tea box, tea box on materials of environmental protection, environmental protection and material collocation, and the emergence of the enrichment process, the diversity of needs, mass customization etc..

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