The Industrial Development Of Tinplate

- Apr 12, 2018 -

In the 17th century, Britain, France and Sweden had all hoped to establish their own tinplate industry, but due to the large amount of funds required, so it has not yet been developed. It was not until 1811 that Brian Tinkin and John Hall opened tin canned foods, but tinplate manufacturing began to develop on a large scale. Today, the world produces about 250,000 tons of tin per year, and more than one third is used to make tinplate, most of which is used in the canned food industry.


A Brief Developed History of Tinplate


1810: The world's first tin can was invented by the British and patented. At that time, a canning expert could do 60 empty cans a day.


1900: Invented welding machine.


1947: The United States invented the canning machine instead of manpower.


1965: The aluminum easy-open lid is used for canning.


In 1973: Tieyi opened the lid and began to use canning.


1990: Can making technology increased to more than 1,000 cans per minute.




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