Safety Food Grade Tin

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Due to the particularity of the manufacturing information of the tea cans, it has the trouble function of preventing the metal cans from falling on the surface. Only simple maintenance can maintain the metallic luster of the tea tin cans.

Tea Caddy Cleansing Maintenance Method One: As far as possible to prevent the tea metal cans touch the oil pollution, such as accidentally stained with some difficult to remove the dirt, avoid scratching with a hard object, available cigarette ash can be placed in the dirt can be part of the stain available cotton Wipe with polishing paste. Packaging tin

Can plant

Tea Caddy Cleaning and Maintenance II: The teapot on the matte side can be cleaned with warm soapy water, and the smooth tea tin can be adhered to the excellent silver wash water. Three: Do not put food or drinks in tea cans overnight, to avoid defile their appearance. After cleaning the metal cans, they must be completely washed and wiped in time, as the remaining detergent and water drops will damage the appearance of the tea metal cans. Tinplate tin box

Tea Caddy Oil Cleansing Tips: Use cigarette ash to apply to oil stains. Use a soft cloth or flannel to hold the ash in the direction of the gloss extension. Do not use a brush or other brush to scrub the metal iron box; for example, living on the seashore , Please wipe the tin tea crafts often with a damp cloth, because the salt in the air will make its gloss darker.

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