Regular Strong Manufacturer

- May 07, 2018 -

Recently, the order quantity of tinplate boxes is very large, and many customers will come and visit the metal mold to see and understand the relevant knowledge. From the recent negotiations with customers, we found that many customers are very concerned about the color difference after the completion of the iron box production. This is a question. Shengtai will give you a brief analysis to teach you how to avoid chromatic aberration.

1, provide accurate design draft or color value reference

When customizing a metal box with us , you can provide accurate color values or detailed samples, and clearly express the thoughts that you want the printing factory to achieve, so as to have a color effect close to the expected printing effect. .

2, choose a regular strong manufacturer

Tinplate boxes require not only good printing machinery but also skilled technicians. Only formal metal box packaging manufacturers can better guarantee the printing effect.

We have a professional design and development team that considers the company's product design and brand culture in many ways. We focus on product design and development  the company's brand culture. Visual marketing can design high-end packaging suitable for your product. Our process and many other aspects are accumulated through many years of experience. The quality can be well checked. If you need to customize the iron box packaging, choose us right, we Will work hand in hand with you.

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