Protect Contribute To Our Earth

- Apr 21, 2018 -

  Nowadays, all the packages that we can see in our lives have many styles, many designs, beautiful and novel. There is a series of packaging such as red wine packed in a wooden box, a plastic box with a cute package, and a pp bag with a vacuum bag that directly contacts the seafood in the store. So when we are using these packaged products, who has considered its environmental protection, food testing and the food packaged in the product will be damaged?

    We can see an assortment of wooden box packaging at the Wine Products Conference. The wooden box is often used for the packaging of various consumer products due to its quaint and heavy texture. However, the outer packaging of the wooden box has been replaced by this cruel reality, because the wooden box is easy to damage, easy to wet, and has no moisture-proof effect. Most people think that the use of wooden box packaging for red wine is nothing more than the use of ordinary amateurs who are relatively amateurs. When people are using this package, they will feel that the wooden box is bulky and tastes great for the children. In consumption, adults will consider: Is this good for children? Is it environmentally friendly? If we often use these wooden box packaging, not only damage the environment, pollute the air but also allow us to absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide. Sometimes emotions, humans are also very cruel. . . . . .

   However, we often see in the store that many foods are vacuum packed? For example, potato chips, biscuits, and some sweets. Everyone usually thinks, this is good! Simple and portable, compact and cute. Because these are common bags vacuum packaging, but these bags are environmentally friendly? Why are so many hazes and air quality getting worse? Because the pp bag is heavily contaminated and not at all good. Why do you say that? In the street, you can see some of the bags that have been thrown away, put them in a pile, and use fire to burn them up. That kind of serious air pollution, and can not be recycled. The climate is warmer and the ozone layer is destroyed. When people are packaging these kinds of packaging materials, who would have thought that these packaging is environmentally friendly? Gradually, we will see all kinds of large and small moon cake boxes in the Mid-Autumn Festival each year. Do you think that many packages are slowly being replaced by iron boxes?

   In our lives, we have seen many of them packed in tin boxes, such as moon cake boxes, biscuit boxes, tea boxes, pencil boxes, gift boxes, candy boxes, etc., all of which are packed in tin boxes. The green arrow mints, which are often followed by a meal, are also packed in tin boxes.

    Why do we use tin boxes? As people's consumption needs change and the level of consumption increases, people are paying more and more attention to food hygiene. Our tin boxes have unique advantages.

   1. Tinplate ink printing is environmentally friendly and harmless.

   2. Varnish printing makes the gloss of the product more vivid, and it is not easy to rust, damp and dust.

   3. Tinplate material is environmentally friendly, opaque, good seal, and tin reduction reduces the chance of oxidation of food ingredients. Low pollution, recyclable, and resource-saving.

   Let us give our own contribution to the earth, and take care of it and protect him.

   Therefore, the role of the iron box is very wide. Welcome to inquire, we will be happy to serve you.

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