Making Process Of Tea Box

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The tea boxes of different materials have different processing techniques, and the machines and manual techniques are not the same.

First, the manufacturing technology of wooden tea boxes: wooden tea boxes are based on materials, including three kinds of solid wood tea boxes, MDF tea boxes and plywood tea boxes, of which the most common are solid wood tea boxes and MDF tea boxes. The production process of solid wood, the tea box is made of wood first choice embryo wood material selection, common beech, pine wood, rubber wood, wood selection can choose to block the logs or have good material wood board, MDF board, deck; the material is selected after the next step is the wood plate in the carpentry workshop of the embryo cutting in mosaic, and early embryo embryo production after sanding wood; if you choose to use the log directly without treatment finished surface process, directly out of the finished package decoration. But most of the time to paint and other wooden surface modification pattern, this time on the need for wood embryo bottom oil, scrub, oil processing and oil color, surface, matte paint if the effect is not required and the need for light paint polishing polishing, and the wooden tea box logo production process includes the following methods: hot stamping, screen printing, metal paste word, embossed, sculpture, metal plate making paste.

Two. The making process of the paper tea box:

1, the paper includes material selection, appearance (special paper, vellum, PU leather, coated paper, coated paper)

2, the embryo material selection (single gray card, white card, double white card, dual card single card copper, copper, plastic embryo etc.)

3, cutting the production and test, beer and material test kits, to be confirmed after the cutting process and practice of bulk materials for batch preparation

4. The assembly and hand - made of the packing box in the assembly shop and the finished product

Three. Making process of iron tea box

1. Selection: iron, aluminum, etc.

2. Making molds

3. Draft beer

4. A batch of finished products after confirmation

In recent years, the production process has been upgraded continuously, the customer's demand is continuously optimized, and the new technology is emerging in endlessly.

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