How To Distinguish Whether Black Tea Is Added With Pigment?

- Mar 23, 2018 -

1. Knead dry tea

By looking at the dry tea, stir the tea leaves by hand, or take some tea leaves and rub it on the palm of your hand. If you attach some powder or color to your hands (not the hairiness of the tea leaves, it's dusty), then it is very likely that Added something that does not belong to the tea itself.


2.Holding tea smelling

Hold a handful of tea and let it smell under the nose. If the aroma is so quiet, then naturally it is not added. On the other hand, if the smell of dried tea is strong and the fragrance does not separate in the nose for a long time, the possibility of adding flavors is high.

3.Brewing observation

Brewing tea leaves at a relatively low temperature and observing tea soup may be tricky if there are greasey items. Because the essence is fat-soluble and insoluble in water. In addition, more brewing several times, repeated comparisons, if the first bubble aroma is high, and after two or three bubbles after the aroma is not obvious or lack of change, it is basically added flavor.


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