How To Correctly Use Plastic Products To Put Food In Bloom

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Just as there is water on the hand, can not pull the wire plug, aluminum pot can not be used in the electromagnetic stove, metal boxes, cans can not be dressed in vinegar, different plastic products have different performance, can only be used under certain conditions.

The production of plastic products, such as plastic bags, fresh film, packaging boxes, bottles, cans and other commonly used materials have polyethylene (ie, PE), polypropylene (ie, pp), polystyrene (ie, PS), polyvinyl chloride (ie, PVC) and other polymer materials.

Polyethylene products in real life with the most, good chemical stability, at room temperature, no special circumstances can be assured of use. Do not use long time packaging of foods rich in grease, do not hold the temperature above 60 ℃ of food, do not pack or cover food into the microwave heating.

The chemical stability of polypropylene products is good, tensile strength and heat resistance than polyethylene, at room temperature, there is no special case, can be assured of use, is the only food can be put into the microwave oven commonly used plastic products, can be more than a long time to put the temperature of less than 80 ℃ hot hot food, beverages, dairy products, oily food. However, can not be placed on an open flame heating, its disadvantage is that the barrier is poor, storage needs to maintain the flavor of the food, the effect is not very good.

Polystyrene Products hygroscopic low, at low temperature barrier performance is good, very suitable for low-temperature food refrigeration, but also resistant to Andromedae radiation sterilization, at room temperature and no special circumstances can be assured of use. The disadvantage is hot water resistance, oily also not too good, do not at the temperature of 60 ℃ more than a long time to put oily food occasions, such as foam plastic snack box.

Polyvinyl chloride products, used in packaging, food, medicine, PVC products, the production of raw materials must be food-grade PVC, in line with GB GB4803 regulations, mainly in which the residual amount of vinyl chloride monomer ≤1.0mg/kg, its use of auxiliaries should also comply with the GB9685 provisions. In line with the above-mentioned food hygiene standards of PVC products have some irreplaceable excellent quality, so it is not easy to eliminate it. For example, the use of PVC preservation film cold meat, fish, not only to maintain the proper water, but also very good to keep fresh meat, fish appearance, color. At room temperature, there is no special case where it can be used in a wider range, especially in foods rich in grease. Pay attention not to put 60 ℃ and above the food, also can not enter the microwave heating, not packaged food of polyvinyl chloride products do not take to dress up food.

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