History Of Food Cans Development

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Since the food has been packaged, but the real food packaging, should be from the storage of food cans started.

The food tank industry originated in 1804, and French Appert (Nicolas Appert) developed a bottle of glass to preserve food, and then a bottle of cork was used as a container for food packaging. Since then, the industrial production of canned glass bottles. After a long period of continuous improvement and development, the current food industry has formed a beautiful, sealed form of a variety of food glass cans.

In 1810, the British Durand (Peter Durand) used tinplate to make food packaging containers, the so-called Ma Kou iron cans. In the United States, the punching machine was made in 1849, and the foundation of three pieces of pot was established. 1859 Europe began to use the cans cover directly on the cans of automatic sealing machine. All the time. In 1975, Switzerland made a tank machine with a width of 0.8mm welded joints and a resistance welding machine with a width of 0.4mm for tank seams in 1978.

The drawing process of two cans was formed in 1847, and then the deep punching tank was developed by the shallow punching tank and the Multistage drawing method was used. As for the deep stamping technology, in 1964 the United States first introduced the impact extrusion method, 1968 and the introduction of the drawing and tank wall compression method, so that food packaging containers have been new development. Since 1963, a variety of aluminum alloy easy open can also be developed accordingly.

The cooking bag used in the 1968 Japan's first market-ready soft canned food is a soft food packaging container made of composite membranes consisting of plastic film and aluminum foil.

In order to improve the use value of food packaging containers and enhance its storage effect on a variety of food, metal packaging containers have been widely used interior wall coating. Canned paint began in 1903, at the time in order to prevent the red fruit faded using a kind of oil resin coating, later will be developed into a variety of cans to meet the needs of the canned paint. In addition, the cans of color printing paint has developed.

In fact, as early as more than 3,000 years ago, ancient Chinese people used pottery as a container to seal food. This in the "min to surgery", "great Cause supplements Ji" and other books have detailed records. However, the development of food packaging technology in China is very slow, the development of modern food packaging technology has not much contribution. Only after the establishment of new China, especially after the reform and opening-up, the packaging industry has begun to advance rapidly, the current level has been basically similar to the world.

Overview of China's industrial development history, the reason for the development is too slow, mainly in China's long-term slave society and the Feudal Society of introverted, do not pay attention to the development of science and technology caused. Now, the Packers of our country have become a major industry of infiltration in all fields, and its future is immeasurable.

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