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- Apr 18, 2018 -

 With the increasing share of packaging iron box in food packaging, more and more attention has been paid to the problems of food packaging iron box. It is said that the food packaging iron box is the most appropriate safety guard of food, but in the past, people pay more attention to the quality and safety of the food itself, and often ignore the safety problems of the packaging itself. Packaging iron box in the bright, but it is difficult to see its surface and is worried about whether it is not good.

In order to prevent moisture and deterioration, a layer of tin coating was covered in the packed iron box to prevent moisture and deterioration. In fact, whether it is milk powder packaging box, plastic bags or plastic barrels, in essence, there is no difference between. In the eyes of consumers, milk packaging is divided into packaging iron box and plastic. It is considered that the packaging iron box is more environmentally friendly and safer than plastic. So at the time of purchase, will favor the iron box and packing of milk powder, even if the price is a little expensive. Experts say this is actually a psychological mistake of consumers, a subjective misunderstanding. Of course, if consumers worry about the safety of milk powder, it is not necessary, because the quality of milk can be guaranteed if the packaging materials are right. The printing mask has good gloss and more beautiful appearance. On the other hand, under the same price, the iron box is high-grade, which is suitable for popular gift packaging. More importantly, tin compatible with good strength, easy processing, easy to shape, printing beautiful, suitable for preservation etc..

Iron box, usually made of iron, iron is actually the iron surface of the tin, in order to play a protective role. In the box above the printing industry is one of today's technology, according to their needs, printing various patterns. Compared with other packaging materials, the tin box has obvious advantages. The first iron can be recycled, second is environmentally friendly, and the third is advanced. Since tin compared to other packaging materials have so many advantages, why not? If you need to customize the tin packaging, welcome to contact us. We can customize the data provided by customers.

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