Do You Know Chrome Iron?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Wuxi sheet steel has been in a state of paralysis since it was extended to China in the 1980s. Until 2000, it was widely used. Even in the current year, the price of chrome-plated iron is more expensive than that of tin-plated iron. The reason is that chrome-plated iron is Printing iron coating process performance is significantly better than tin-plated iron. With the widespread use of coating iron, especially in the cap, chrome-plated iron has received more attention from people. The characteristics of chrome-plated iron are:

(1) The canning process and corrosion resistance of the substrate are the same as those of the tinplate;

(2) In the processing of coatings, it is not necessary to consider the problem of tin melting like tinplate, a higher baking temperature can be used, and the printing and coating production efficiency can be improved;

(3) Adhesion to coating is better than tinplate;

(4) The surface is a very thin layer of metal chromium and hydrated chromium oxide. The thickness is only about 1% of the tin tin layer. Therefore, it is easy to rust. Therefore, there is no practical value of chrome plating without coating processing.

(5) Because it is a thin sheet of Wuxi, it has saved tin resources and is in line with the development direction of tinplate.



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