Different Packaging Of Tin Can And Plastic Box

- Mar 30, 2018 -

In general, infant formula milk powder is mainly packaged in cans, but there are also a lot of powdered milk packed in plastic bag. What is the difference between the same milk powder tin packaging and plastic bag packaging?

1, different packaging materials

This is obvious from the appearance point of view, iron canned milk powder is mainly used metal and environmentally friendly paper two kinds of materials, metal cans of moisture resistance, compression resistance are the first choice, although environmentally friendly paper is not as strong and sealed cans, but convenient for consumers Use, but also stronger than ordinary plastic bag packaging pressure resistance. Boxed milk powder is generally a thin paper shell on the outer layer, the inner layer is a soft plastic packaging (bag), the plastic sealing, moisture resistance and tin cans are not metal cans.

2, different capacity

Commonly used iron cans in the market have a typical capacity of 900 grams, while boxed milk powder is generally 400 grams. Some plastic bag contain 1200 grams of powdered milk, and there are 3 small bags of 400 grams in small packages.

3, different shelf life

If you look closely at the shelf life of powdered milk, you will find that iron canned milk powder and plastic bag milk powder are very different. Generally, the shelf life of iron canned milk powder is longer than that of boxed milk powder. This is because canned milk powder has better sealing performance. Contribute to the preservation of milk powder, not easy to spoilage.

4, different storage time

Although from the packaging instructions point of view, canned, boxed milk powder can also be placed for 3 weeks after opening. However, after opening the bag, the bag cannot be completely sealed, and the effect of the shelf life is slightly inferior to that of the can. This is also one of the reasons why the bag is generally a small package. In general, after opening the box, it is more difficult to preserve the box than the can, and the effect of the quality is somewhat poor. Generally, it is recommended that the boxed food be eaten within two weeks after opening the box.

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