Sustainable Development Of Tin Box

- Apr 18, 2018 -

In recent years, tin packaging industry can change rapidly, the fast pace of development. The rapid development of the packaging industry in  iron box is inseparable from the reform and innovation of science and technology and the support of the policy. Here, the professional iron box factory, Shengtai tin box has summed up the following reasons for us:

1, tin packaging in line with the current green theme

In the past few years, the consumption of resources and the pollution of the environment have become more and more obvious, which has been a difficult problem in the world. The establishment of the packaging recycling system and the reduction of resource consumption have become the new theme of the packaging industry. Among the three big packaging materials, carton packaging and plastic packaging will make the environment worse, only Ma Kou iron box packaging, in line with the current green packaging theme, under the vigorous advocacy of the policy, the major iron box factory to increase the reform of the iron box packaging, integrated into the new iron box design concept, so that the Ma Kou iron box packaging in the visual effect of the more In order to highlight, more fashionable and more personalized, at the same time, we should minimize the consumption of resources.

2, the reform of technology and equipment

With the reform of the industrial , the big domestic tank plants have upgraded the tank equipment and increased the use rate of the automatic line, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor use rate. Not only that, with the reform of technology, Ma Kou iron box is in the case of the same price or even lower price of paper plastic packaging, can make more high-end packaging, so that the iron box packaging in the high-end consumer goods industry is one of the reasons.

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