Development Of Chinese Industry

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Development prospects

1) The market environment is getting better and there is great potential for growth.

China has a huge consumer group with a population of 1.3 billion. It has abundant industrial products, agricultural products, and export commodity resources. In addition to the rapid development of the beverage industry, the development of new industries such as chemicals, cosmetics, and medicine also provides a huge growth space for metal packaging. Moreover, the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Expo, and the investments of multinational companies in China will all greatly boost demand for packaging. It is expected that the next 5-10 years will be an opportunity for the strategic development of metal packaging. According to the development trend of the sales revenue of China's metal packaging industry in 2007, it is expected that the production and sales volume in 2015 will far exceed the original national planning target.

At present, the relationship between China's average per capita packaging product consumption level and GDP per capita is quite different from that of the international market. The potential of China's metal packaging industry is huge. Especially with the development of China’s economy after the WTO, the competition of enterprises will shift from price competition to brand competition and service. Competition, scale and strength competition. This brings a new growth opportunity for the development of China's packaging industry.

2) Scale and specialization are the development direction of modern metal packaging: The metal packaging industry will face scale, grouping, specialization and comprehensive transformation and upgrading of lean manufacturing and clean production in the next 3-5 years: from a single manufacturing enterprise Towards cross-regional group development; from extensive management to refinement, digitization, and scientific transformation, thereby improving the industry's management level and entry barriers, narrowing the gap with foreign countries. Metal packaging companies with free brands and intellectual property can gradually develop into large-scale metal packaging groups through mergers and acquisitions with small packaging companies.

3) Reduction of metal packaging, energy saving and consumption reduction, and promotion of the upgrading of metal packaging industry around the development of recycling economy.

The state has successively introduced and implemented circular economy and cleaner production legislation, formulated relevant standards, and implemented special support for cleaner production, waste control, and reduction of harmful substances. It is expected that UV printing, computer networks, and digital printing technologies will be widely used. . Promote efficiency and speed of emission reduction and energy saving, reduce resource consumption, create a conservation-oriented enterprise, develop a recycling economy, and achieve sustainable development.


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