​Why the tin box industry normally has the MOQ?

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Over the years, according to the feedback and requirements of our customers, we have concluded that many customers are know few things when they first contact the tin box industry. They directly look at a certain product on the Internet. The next thing to talk about is how is this price? It seems like that there are indeed many buyers who do not understand cans. The price of tin can actually be related to many factors. It is introduced in this article. Many buyers say that: can i customize hundreds of tin box? In fact, if you really want to spend this money, we support it, but the cost is really high. The general tin box manunfacturer's MOQ is 5,000pcs, the main cost involves printing and mold costs.



To give a simple example, if there is one tinplate which can make 5,000 tin cans, but you only need 500 tin cans. During the actual printing processing, the printing factory will charges a fee for one tinplate, which is too say if you only need 500 tin cans, the printing costs is the same with 5000 cans. Then the tin box cost will increase significantly at this stage.


After many customers gave the size to tin box factory, they normally asked the factory to made tins according to the exactly size they gave. But, usually the tin box mold cost is more than 10,000 yuan, and the complicated mold is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. If you only order hundreds of products, the mold-opening fee is a huge cost. It is not worth to make a new mold.

Therefore, we suggests that the buyers who want to customize tin box can order more quantity for one time if it is possible. More quantity, more cheaper price. Also, try to use tin box factory's existing mold to save the mold cost.

The MOQ of SHENG TAI TIN BOX is 5,000pcs also, and we have over 800 existing mold in different shape like round, square, rectangular, oval, and other special shape. You can use our exisiting mold directly to save the cost.

In addition, the most competitive price, best quality, excellent service, prompt delivery time provided by our company have won the support and trust from our customers.

If you need tin box, please feel free to contact us.

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