Why tea packaging is mostly tins What are the advantages of tea tin packaging?

- Jun 28, 2018 -

As a kind of natural health drink, tea has become popular in the international market in recent years. As one of the important competition and promotion methods, tea leaves also have certain requirements. In the tea market, there are many materials for tea packaging, including paper, wood, and plastic, but the most common is tea tin packaging.

Why is tea packaging mostly use tin box? Tin box, is box which be made by tinplate. Tea tin box packaging has advantages over other materials. It has strong barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, and shading properties, combined with excellent sealing properties, which can better maintain tea products.

In tea packaging, what are the advantages of tea tin packaging compared to other types of packaging?

1, simple printing technology, beautiful print patterns. For the printing of tin boxes, as long as the designers do the design well, they can print according to the film output. After printing, it is formed with a stamping machine.

2, more economical. In the past, the cost of carton packaging was generally lower than that of tin. However, as the raw materials for carton packaging have risen this year, the cost of carton packaging has been rising. In such a situation, more customers are more inclined to purchase tin packaging when purchasing packaging.

3. The hardness of tea tin packaging is higher than that of cartons. The thickness of the general tinplate box is about 0.23mm, the minimum thickness can reach 0.20mm with the prior art, and the thickness can reach 0.38mm;

4, tea tin packaging can also be mixed with other materials. In the tin can be placed inside the paper gift box, or take a design inside the wooden box, so that even more high-end tea packaging design;

5. Today, society advocates the power of the brand. Each tea tin box can promote the brand. A good tea tin box can also have good publicity.

Tea tin packaging has been favored by more and more tea manufacturers due to its advantages of simple printing, low cost and high hardness. In addition, tea tin packaging can prevent the tea from producing qualitative changes due to light, oxygen, and moisture, and it will not make the aroma of the tea fade due to spillage or become tainted by other odors.

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