Why high-grade tea are packed in tin boxes?

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Since tea leaves are susceptible to moisture, they are suitable for storage in a low temperature sealed environment. The paper packaging is poorly sealed, and the plastic packaging is easily damaged. However, the tin box packaging is extremely tight and has a very high hardness, which is very convenient for transportation and carrying.

Good scent can be effectively preserved from harvesting to finished products. But how to maintain this effect for a long time has always been a problem for businesses. Tea has always been a very popular drink, so the packaging of tea has always been the focus of business attention. Many merchants use paper, plastic, wood, ceramic and tin packaging. They first discovered that they can be properly stored in tin boxes (cans) that are consumed by tinplate. Other packaging can only be used for the storage of local raw materials, so today tea is widely used in tin boxes (cans) for packaging.

On the other hand, tin boxes take on more advantages in terms of consumption and printing:

1. Tinplate can be processed into various shapes according to different requirements, and the plasticity is stronger.

2. The production process is simple and the mechanization is faster.

3. The adhesion of the tinplate exterior paint is very good, and it can be applied by various types and color paints.

4. According to different graphic and text design styles.

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