Why do tinplates have to be printed inside

- May 08, 2018 -

Why do tinplates have to be printed inside?

    Tinplate box packaging has a layer of color printed on the inside, common is pure white or colorful; the second is the silver lacquer or golden lacquer , why should the tinsel box packaging internal printing color may be paint it? 

      In fact, this particular type of information altered inside the tin box packaging is used to prevent the content of the packaging from eroding the tinplate box, which prevents the contents from being contaminated, and which can better extend the storage time of the contents. Iron box

      We can see clearly in the crimping of the tin box for food packaging. The change of this decorative paint is not only to prevent corrosion, but also  maintain the tinplate box package from being scratched and rusted by external forces. And this coating can also add a bit of beauty to the tin box. The modified coating is necessary to be non-toxic, harmless, odorless, good adhesion, good adsorption, good flexibility, and good corrosion resistance, and it must have excellent high temperature resistance, also in the case of high temperature heating. No harmful substances, no loss of original luster and other functions will not occur.

      So what is this kind of paint inside? Such coatings are phenolic resin coatings, epoxy-phenolic resin coatings, acrylic resin coatings, and aluminum powder coatings.

      In the final analysis, tinplate boxes may be internally coated to avoid oxidation and to protect tinplates from rusting. The special contents are protected from destructive chemical constituents. To a certain extent, the aesthetics of tinplate box packaging have been enhanced to give consumers a sense of security and to be more attentive when acquiring products.ST7098 40-21-77(2).jpg

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