Why do candy brands like to use tin boxes for packaging?

- Sep 12, 2018 -

More and more candy in the market began to be packaged with tin boxes. Looking at the world, it is found that the famous candy brands including throat lozenges and mints have already started to use tin boxes to make the main product packaging. So what are the benefits and advantages of using tin boxes for packaging?

  1. The use of tin box packaging candy can better reflect the value of the product brand. The surface of the tin box can print a variety of beautiful patterns, which can better highlight the characteristics of the product itself. As far as the current production technology of plastic packaging boxes is concerned, it is difficult to directly print the packaging patterns when injection molding plastic packaging boxes, and only after molding, silk screen printing or pasting stickers. However, the tin box packaging can effectively solve this problem. As long as the customer can provide the design document of the printed pattern, the tin box manufacturer can print the personalized color required by various customers on the tinplate, which not only directly improves the product. The grade also enhances the value of the product invisibly.

  2. In terms of hygiene, tin box packaging meets food safety requirements and is safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to the food-grade safety standards, the inks and coatings printed on the tin box packaging need to pass the tests of SGS and FDA, so that the produced packaging can be in contact with throat sugar and various foods. The material used for the candy tin box is a green environmentally friendly product, which is easy to recycle and fundamentally eliminates the harm caused by environmental pollution. Any packaging that takes too long to store will cause wear and tear, but the candy tin box is hard and wear-resistant, and the text and patterns on the storage surface will not fall off easily.

  3. The candy tin box is simple to make and the shape is more unique than other materials. Enterprises can design different styles of tinplate boxes according to different product capacity, shape, product characteristics and other factors, in order to better meet the different needs of customers.

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