Which products are suitable for packaging in tin cans?

- Aug 08, 2018 -

This article focuses on products that are suitable for can packaging and the benefits of using tin can packaging.


Which products are suitable for tin can packaging? This is a question that many manufacturers are thinking about.Many manufacturers want to try to replace the new product packaging, but because of the lack of understanding of the can packaging, they are afraid to use it. Manufacturers are worried that the update of packaging will have a certain negative impact on the sales of the company's products.This article will briefly introduce the benefits of iron can packaging and address the concerns of manufacturers.

1.    Food tin can packaging. The rapid development of the social economy has also led to an increase in people's economic income, and consumers are increasingly demanding food packaging.Food tin cans are now the preferred packaging products for many manufacturers. The beautiful graphics on thesurface of the cans can better attract consumers' attention.The solid iron can outer packaging can also better protect the internal products and prevent them from being damaged.Food grade gold oil is another unique highlight of the iron can. In addition to good protection of the product, it also helps to extend the shelf life of the product.

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2.    Cosmetic tin can packaging. When it comes to cosmetic packaging, the first impression of female consumers is usually the carton. Deformation, brittleness, brings a series of obstacles to the carrying of cosmetics. When tin-packed cosmetics began to appear on the market, many young female consumers made tin cans the preferred product because of novelty, exquisiteness, recycling and other reasons. Innovative packaging, portability and recyclability of the cans make the tin-packed cosmetics very good.

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3.    Promotional gift tin cans. When large-scale festivals come, supermarkets, shopping malls and other large consumer places will definitely carry out festival promotions. Merchants want to do all kinds of methods to promote the product... and the cans promotional gifts are more popular, consumers see the gift is wrapped in tin cans, will not hesitate to choose to buy.The advantage of tin can packaging lies in the high-end appearance of the exterior, as well as its own secondary recycling. It can be placed in the home as a storage box, decorations, etc., practical and beautiful.

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