What is the reason for color difference in tin printing?

- Apr 25, 2018 -

printing line for tins

The beauty of the tin box is often focused on the design style and printing effect, and the exquisite brightness of the printing can attract people's attention. In the actual production process of tin boxes, our customers often have such questions. Why are the large goods produced different in color from the previous ones? Can you achieve 100% consistency?

This is a question that is often asked. This article focuses on this issue:

First, proofing printing and large-scale printing use different machines. Proofing printing uses small machines, and large-scale printing uses super-large machines. Proofing and bulk goods are different machines, which are operated by different personnel.

Second, the printing environment and temperature will also affect the printing effect. The tin box is mainly used to debug inks in printing. The inks for the first printing and the second printing debugging are difficult to be exactly the same, only the same colors are present. At the same time, ink offset printing is subject to high temperature processing, and therefore it is also affected by temperature. The color of winter printing is slightly different from that of summer printing.

In the actual tin printing process, the chromatic aberration problem is always unavoidable. Only degree problems, some minor, some serious. Usually the printing of tin boxes has a reasonable acceptance. As long as the printed product is roughly the same color, it is acceptable.

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