What are the factors that affect the price of tin?

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Tinplate box is a very popular packaging method. Affecting the price of tin box has the following factors:

First, the product's shape, size, process, and thickness of the raw materials will directly affect the price of the tin.

Second, order quantity, the larger the order quantity, the cheaper the price, the smaller the order quantity, and the slightly higher price.

Third, the packaging methods, ordinary packaging methods and special packaging methods, the price is different.

Fourth, different printing methods and with or without embossing. Some customers have less stringent requirements for printing and have higher price requirements. Therefore, four-color printing can meet the requirement. Some customers have very high requirements for the color saturation of the printing, and they are very delicate and beautiful, so they should be printed in spot colors(also be called pantone color).

Fifth, labor costs. The product's process directly affects the number of people involved. The greater the number of workers used, the higher the price.

Seventh, transportation costs.

Eighth, related to other costs: mold cost (open mold or change mold), sample fees.

The tin box is usually a customized product, tailored to each customer's needs, so the price is not fixed.

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