What are the common materials for chocolate packaging? What are the advantages and characteristics?

- May 18, 2018 -

Due to its good taste, chocolate is deeply loved by the masses and became one of the indispensable foods during the ceremony. Do not know if you have found that the packaging of chocolate is even more eye-catching, beautiful chocolate packaging to some extent improve the quality of chocolate, increasing its ornamental and practical value. In the following, we will talk with you about what materials are commonly used in chocolate packaging, and what are the characteristics and advantages of each, so that everyone can further understand the chocolate packaging.

Paper packaging

Paper product packaging is the most widely used packaging material in the packaging industry. However, due to its own characteristics, it is generally used for external packaging, display packaging, and transportation packaging, in addition to the higher surface treatment requirements and With special requirements for pollution, other requirements are not too high, and the profits of the industry are not high. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white paperboard, grey paperboard, linerboard and corrugated paper. In addition, some water-repellent, oil-resistant, acid-proof, deodorant, wafer-based paperboards and other cost-effective paper packaging are increasingly being packaged. The industry's welcome, it will also become a bright spot for extra attention chocolate packaging.

Tin foil packaging

Tin foil is a more traditional packaging material, and it has always occupied a place in the current chocolate packaging. However, due to factors such as production process, production efficiency, application limitations, and price, it is currently under the impact of plastic packaging. Have decreased.

Plastic flexible packaging

Plastic packaging has a wealth of features, a variety of display capabilities and other characteristics, and gradually become one of the most important chocolate packaging. As the technology matures, cold-seal soft packs are becoming the most important component of chocolate because of their high packaging speed, low odor, non-pollution, and easy tearability, and they can meet the impact of avoiding high temperatures during the chocolate packaging process. Packaging Materials. The focus of the development direction of late-stage plastic packaging is to improve the performance of existing plastics, develop new varieties, increase strength and barrier properties, reduce usage (thick-walled), reuse, and recycle to protect the environment.

Composite materials

Composite materials have a variety of material composite properties and obvious protection and display capabilities, easy to draw and process, easy, and a solid composite layer, low consumption, has become a commonly used in chocolate and candy packaging materials. Most of the composite materials are based on flexible packaging. Currently used materials include paper-plastic composites, aluminum-plastic composites, and paper-aluminum composites.

Container packaging

Container packaging is also one of the most common packaging methods in chocolate packaging. It mainly has the advantages of excellent protection performance, excellent production, unique display effect and secondary use. Currently, the common container packaging is nothing more than plastic (injection molding, blow molding). , Blister molding), metal (tin cans, aluminum cans), glass and paper (carry box) four categories, in order to pursue product differentiation, leather box, wooden box and composite materials, etc. Appear on the market. In addition, ceramic materials can perform cultural and artistic expressions. There have also been packaging containers made of ceramics for high-end chocolates.

The above is the commonly used packaging material for chocolate packaging and its advantages and characteristics. The characteristics of different packaging materials are also different. You can choose according to your own preferences.

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