What are the classifications of tinplate lids?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

What are the classifications of tinplate lids?

Many buyers first purchase tinplates and may not touch tins. Therefore, when the salesman of a tin manufacturer asks buyers for the tin box, the buyer knows what kind of iron box is needed, but he doesn't know how to use it. expression. Originally, tinplate boxes can be distinguished according to different classifications. Tin cans can be divided into hexagonal lids, push-pull lids, inner lids, hinged lids, etc., in accordance with the different methods of can lid and can body.

Hinged lid metal box:

The hinged lid is the lid and body of the iron box, which is connected by iron wires and hinges, and only opens one end when it is opened. This kind of cover is mostly used for jewelry iron boxes, toy iron boxes and so on.

Tinplate tin box

Pull lid iron box:

Push-pull cover is also called sliding cover. The cover and the deep interface are selected by an external reeling method. The cover adopts the internal reeling method. When opening and closing, the push-pull method is selected. Therefore, it is called a push-pull cover. This kind of lid is generally used for sugar candy boxes and iron jewelry boxes.

Inner cover tin box:

The inner plug cover is pressed into the other iron sheet inside the cover, so the inner plug cover is stronger and thicker than other types of covers, and the cost is relatively high. This type of lid is often used in iron boxes of higher ends such as tea tin boxes, moon cake tin boxes, and gift tin boxes.

Liuhe iron box:

The so-called six-part cover is the most simple cover, is the most common way to see the lid of the iron case, the cover and the body used to withhold the way. This type of lid is the most common lid of a tin box, and especially large-size tin boxes use a six-fold lid.

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