What are the benefits of tin can packaging in product marketing?

- Sep 19, 2018 -

With the continuous development of social economy, the benefits of iron can packaging in product marketing are increasing. The current market economy is also known as the "eyeball economy". It attracts consumers' attention through unique and novel product packaging, so that accepting and purchasing products is a direct manifestation of packaging. Therefore, fully understanding the importance of tin can packaging in product marketing and the benefits for product marketing is also very important for all customers.

What are the benefits of tin can packaging in product marketing?

1. More conducive to product sales

Packaging is an important tool to promote the smooth sale of products. The quality of product packaging will not only affect the stable flow of products into the market, but also affect the overall sales price and sales channels of the products. After the product is packaged, it enters the consumer market. The first thing that gives the consumer is the intuitive packaging of the product. Can it cause consumers' desire for consumption, and the motivation for purchasing is largely due to the packaging of the product. For example, the cookie of a company is packed in ordinary color carton, and the sales volume is very general. After that, it is changed to blue tin can, and the sales volume is rapidly increased. Directly, tin can packaging can greatly affect the sales results of a product.

2. Beautify products to enhance value

If a high-quality product lacks good packaging, it will reduce the value of the product itself to a certain extent. If it is matched with appropriate and good packaging, it will greatly increase the value of the product, so it is said that it is excellent, novel and exquisite product packaging. Not only can products and packaging complement each other, but also better enhance the value of products, establish a market image of product brands, let consumers give psychological recognition and are willing to spend high prices to buy, thereby increasing product sales and increasing corporate profits.

3. Is a positive and effective marketing tool

Some people refer to the product packaging as the last 5 seconds of marketing. It can be seen that the importance of packaging in marketing is increasingly prominent, and it also has an irreplaceable position in the marketing mix, which is valued by manufacturers in various industries. If a production company does not fully understand the importance of product packaging, neglecting the packaging in the marketing mix, this will cause the company's products to lose in the last 5 seconds of competition, even if the product quality is good, if you do not pay attention to product packaging, Will greatly reduce the expected effect of product marketing.

4. is an important strategy to shape the brand image

In the new era of increasingly fierce competition, competition is no longer limited to the hard aspects of technology, product quality, price, etc. It is also reflected in the soft aspects of brand image and product packaging. In many soft competitions, the competitiveness of brand image And the influence is increasingly prominent, so the important trend is also rising sharply, which becomes the most direct way of competition in product marketing. It can be understood that the marketing of products is the inner soul, and the packaging is a novel and exquisite outerwear. Only by organically combining the two can a good brand image be formed and the marketing effect can be further improved.

5. Help to meet the psychosocial needs of consumers

The material, shape, color, icon and text of the product packaging will directly affect the first impression of the product in the public. The sophisticated and gorgeous can packaging will give consumers a high-end impression of the product, while the traditional plain packaging will make consumers feel cheap and affordable. Therefore, in marketing, we must pay attention to the consumer's popular social psychology caused by product packaging, accurately display the characteristics of a certain product, and greatly improve the marketing effect. Scientific and rational design of product packaging can quickly touch consumers' psychology and bring certain influence to consumers' perceptual consumption.

6. Help to achieve self-selling of products

If a company's products and brands have not yet been known to the public, in order to enhance the product's self-selling ability and open up a world in a highly competitive market, research and innovation must be carried out on the personality of the product packaging. Out of the company's product positioning, brand image, brand classification and sales channels and other factors. Unique and distinctive product cans can make consumers quickly identify and judge consumers in the same kind of products, which not only saves the time of emergence, but also facilitates the consumption of customers. At the same time, personalized product cans packaging can also help to significantly enhance the role of product self-marketing.

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