What are the benefits of custom tin box packaging?

- Aug 21, 2018 -

In today's packaging market, product material changes are fast, and styles are increasing. Nowadays, manufacturers are beginning to use unusual materials, special decorations and elaborate shapes. The production materials of these packaging products are inseparable from the three giants of modern packaging: tinplate boxes, cartons, plastic boxes.

Plastic box is one of the most far-reaching and most influential representatives of plastic packaging products. It is widely used in the food field, which provides great convenience for modern people's life. The biggest drawback of using plastic box is the environment. Caused by very large pollution, in fact, the plastic box in foreign countries has basically withdrawn from the market, and the domestic policy of prohibiting plastics is also implemented to restrict the circulation and use of plastic packaging products.

Although the carton product has certain advantages in production price, in terms of transportation, the practical performance is not high. The biggest disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is poor in water resistance. Once it is wet, the material will soften and the use value of carton packaging will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the production of cartons requires the use of wood, which also seriously affects the ecological environment and consumes resources.

However, the shortcomings of the above plastic boxes and cartons are the advantages of tinplate boxes. It has strong pressure resistance, and its waterproof performance is superior to that of paper box. In addition to being more practical, the iron box can also make an unusual shape and print different layout patterns. The tinplate box can make up for the shortage of the carton and plastic box packaging to some extent. Moreover, the most important thing is that after the iron box is used, it can be recycled and reused many times, effectively avoiding unnecessary waste of resources, and the market and use value of the iron box are further affirmed by consumers.

Therefore, in recent years, food, tea, health care products and other businesses are basically choosing a custom tinplate as a product packaging, because iron box packaging has gradually been favored by consumers in the market, and the role played in the packaging industry is also more and more important, the prospect of market development is huge, but also reflects the pursuit and taste of modern packaging for high-end, beautiful, and use.

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