What are the basic requirements for food cans?

- May 19, 2018 -

In many food packaging, food cans are the most widely used type of packaging container, which is widely used in the packaging of various foods. The reason why food cans are widely used is that it has a series of benefits such as durability, good barrier properties, easy molding, and variable shapes. It has a very strong competitiveness in the packaging market. Today, we wants to share is the basic conditions that food cans should have.

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Food cans should have the basic conditions:

Food cans must be protected against moisture, water, dust, and corrosion. Blocking dust, water and other liquid substances outside; preventing contamination and corrosion of packaging materials; preventing penetration of ultraviolet rays and protecting packages from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

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Food cans must withstand external forces:

It can apply a variety of shipping methods and warehouse storage methods to protect the contents from damage.

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Food cans make the goods have a display effect:

Food cans can reflect the display function of goods by virtue of their beautiful appearance, beautiful colors, beautiful appearance and transparency. Attract customers and stimulate customers' desire to buy.

Food cans should have an open and convenient role:

The opening design of food cans should take into account the ease of opening, and can be opened and closed multiple times, and it is convenient to dump the contents. No splashing injury can occur.

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