traditions gift tin design

- Jun 08, 2018 -

China is a country with a long history of culture. Therefore, in the design of gift tin boxes, it is necessary to take into account the cultural expression of the nation and the characteristics of traditional festivals. However, with the continuous improvement of the people’s living standards and the continuous influx of foreign culture, We should constantly explore and find out some intriguing connotations and a higher aesthetic interest in the design of gift tins. We should pay attention to traditional culture and deepen our experience. We should pay attention to the inheritance and deconstruction of traditions, and to the taste of art. The pursuit and exploration. As tin is an environmentally-friendly resource that can be recycled and recycled, it is different from the “one-time” use feature of general packaging. Gift iron tin needs an intriguing connotation and refreshing charm to be more deeply rooted and attract consumers’ attention. . Therefore, in the gift tin design, the following points should be observed:

1. The gift tin design should be consistent with the quality of the product, reflecting its novelty, chic, and beautiful features, and even reflect the contents with national characteristics.

Second, rich in culture, gift iron box in the design process should fully consider the design of social utility, pay attention to the cultural gift tin, gift tin itself is also a commodity, if the design has a cultural meaning, or even With the value of collections, domestic collectors of iron can be found everywhere in the country.

Third, in the gift tin design should enhance the customer's corporate image, the tin designer must have a targeted analysis, understand the customer's corporate culture and gift positioning, the only way we can design for customer satisfaction, in line with the customer's corporate culture The product.


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