Top Countries in the World with Most Imported Tea Ranked No. 1 in Russia

- Jun 15, 2018 -

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In the past, we introduced the world’s top ten tea exporting countries, and the following is the introduction of the top ten tea importing countries in the world. We also mentioned before that some countries are unable to produce tea but they also like to drink tea. They can only choose to import. According to a survey, the total tea consumption in one day reached 3 billion cups, which can be seen from the high demand for tea.

10. Canada

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Canada is a very developed country and one of the countries with the highest per capita income. This country is not suitable for producing agricultural products because of geography. Tea is one of the most frequently consumed beverages in the country, so they must import tea from other countries to meet their needs.

9. France

France is also a very developed country. People in this country have a good standard of living. Tea is also the most frequently consumed beverage in this song country. Therefore, France must import tea to meet demand.

8. Pakistan

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Pakistan is a country in Asia where tea is an important part of their culture and therefore it is also the drink most often consumed by the Pakistani people. Pakistan itself does not produce such crops, but it is one of the countries that consume the most tea in the world.

7. Japan

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

In Japanese culture, tea is the main drink that Japanese people offer to their guests. They like all kinds of tea. Japan is an importer of many products, and tea is also the most frequently consumed beverage in Japanese society, so it can only rely on importing tea from other countries to meet its needs.

6. Germany

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Germany is located in Europe and has a large population. Tea is an important part of its culture. Germany does not produce such crops, so it must be imported to meet the needs of its own people. Germany's tea consumption far exceeds that of other countries.

5. Iran

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Iran is rich in natural resources such as natural gas and oil, and its revenue is mainly derived from the export of natural gas and petroleum products. And Iran is a country that likes to drink tea, so they import large amounts of tea from other countries each year to meet the needs of the Iranian people.

4. United States

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Tea is a very popular drink in the United States. Because of the continuous expansion of the concept of tea bags, the consumption of tea bags is also increasing. There are many types of tea and flavors to choose from in the United States. The United States spends about $320 million each year on imported tea.

3. United Kingdom

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Tea is the drink most often consumed in Britain. The British love to drink tea. It is estimated that the average person in the UK is to drink 1.9 kilograms of tea each year. They import about 157,593 metric tons of tea each year, mainly from China and India.

2. United Arab Emirates

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

The United Arab Emirates consumes a lot of tea each year. It is not only the largest importer of tea, but it also extracts and packs imported tea, and then sells it to other countries. They mainly import tea from China and India, and then Export to Iran and other countries.

1. Russia

世界上进口茶叶最多的国家TOP10 俄罗斯位居第一

Russia is one of the countries with the most consumption of tea in the world, and Russia imports more tea than any other country in the world. According to the survey, this country imports about 181,859 tons of tea each year, which is mainly imported from Kenya and Sri Lanka's two major producing countries.

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