Tinplate moon cake box introduction

- Aug 29, 2018 -

As a new type of packaging material, tinplate has been favored by manufacturers in various industries. The tinplate packaging has been widely used, especially in places with large bases such as large shopping malls and supermarkets. The Mid-Autumn Festival is everywhere. China's traditional festivals mean family reunion. The tinplate is a premium gift package for the festival. The various styles and models of tinplate moon cake boxes made by us are widely used by the purchaser due to the low cost, exquisite printing pattern, non-toxic and harmless, strong corrosion resistance, good tinplate metallic gloss and convenient carrying. Favorite, the tinplate mooncake box has a very good effect on the preservation of mooncake flavor, color and nutrition. It also has a very high value of preserving and expressing the friendly feelings between family and friends.

moon cake tin box.jpg

The production process of tinplate moon cake box: using the industry's advanced imported equipment to achieve fast and high-quality iron sample requirements; before the development of moon cake box mold, we can provide customers with professional moon cake packaging iron box design plane engineering drawing, 3D perspective picture and engraving Various design effects of tinplate mooncake box design, iron box engraving, convex, concave, flat carving, three-dimensional engraving and other processes can also be used in various forms for customers to choose; We are professional tin box manufacturer and in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standards for production operations, the use of experienced and skilled technical staff, high-end packaging designers and advanced modern production equipment, for the production enterprises to provide food packaging overall planning, special design, customization Full process service for production and other projects!

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The design of the tinplate mooncake box must fully grasp the consumer's purchasing psychology, to meet the customer's preferences and meet the consumer's consumer demand to carry out market segmentation, and to carry out the creative design and development of mooncake packaging for different types of people's consumption characteristics. The final production of food packaging moon cake boxes is personalized, which can better attract and impress consumers, and stimulate the purchasing desire of consumer groups to a greater extent. At the same time, the tinplate moon cake box is a kind of pure green food packaging, which not only allows people to return to nature visually, but also can achieve the standard of environmental protection recycling and reuse without polluting the environment.

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The various tinplate moon cake boxes produced by SHENG TAI TIN BOX are unique in style, exquisite in printing, well-made, delivered on time and reasonably priced. For more information about the price, model, style and other information of tinplate mooncake, please call us and negotiate!

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