Tinplate ice bucket

- Aug 17, 2018 -

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The tinplate ice bucket is an ice bucket made of high-grade tinplate material. The shape of the tinplate ice bucket is round bucket, oval ice bucket, rectangular bucket, square bucket, etc. It can also be customized according to customer's requirements.Exquisite ice buckets can enhance the outdoor advertising display of corporate product brands and the promotion of cold drink culture.Thereby promoting the growth of sales.

The use of tinplate ice bucket: most of the depth of the barrel can be put into a bottle of red wine or wine. The hand-pull design makes the ice bucket more convenient to use. The tinplate ice bucket has been customized to international ISO certification and national safety and health monitoring, safe and non-toxic,it can be used safely.Since the taste of the wine is the best when tasting in the cool state,and the tinplate can be used to minimize the temperature of the wine in a matter of minutes. The trick is to put ice and cold water in a metal ice bucket and drown the bottle shoulder.Our tinplate ice buckets are designed in a variety of styles, which can reflect the company culture of the wine company, making the wine products more noble, elegant and dignified. Therefore, the tinplate ice bucket can also be used as a high-end gift to friends and family to express their friendly feelings.

Customized steps for tinplate ice buckets: from graphic design, three-dimensional map design, product engineering detail drawings of metal ice buckets, ice bucket mold making, film output, color paper drafts, iron manuscripts, tin can printing models, to mold design It develops and manufactures various types of tinplate ice bucket products, semi-automatic, single-cavity tank operations, combined with packaging and other comprehensive products.

We are a professional manufacturer of tinplate ice buckets. We use high-quality tinplate raw materials, high-end design, various styles and specifications. We can produce tinplate ice buckets of various shapes and specifications according to your needs, and the appearance structure and appearance pattern printing. The thickness of the production iron can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.

Tinplate ice bucket printing effect: ice bucket products can choose single-sided four-color printing or spot color printing, the surface of the product can be selected as varnish, dumb oil, or in combination with light dull oil.Tinplate ice buckets can also be used to make metal effects or any other customer's needs. Internally, you can also pass transparent oil, gold oil, and custom colors.

Tinplate ice bucket is an efficient display and promotion equipment for the advertising industry. It is suitable for promotion activities in many supermarkets, convenience stores, plazas, etc. It is suitable for various holiday themes and new products. Create a casual and relaxed shopping atmosphere to promote the sale of corporate products.

For more information on tinplate ice bucket customization, price, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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