Tinplate Coffee Can

- Aug 15, 2018 -

In the market, you can often see beautifully packaged coffee products. Most consumers have some information about coffee products, but they know very little about their outer packaging. What does the tinplate coffee packaging mean? What are the main functions of tinplate coffee cans?What is the design and method of coffee can design?Now the tin can manufacturers give you detailed answers. 

The name of the tinplate coffee packaging on the market is coffee tin cans. The coffee cans made of tinplate are not easy to be damaged due to the high hardness of the material. The printing is exquisite, the transportation is convenient, the styles are diverse, and the sealing is better than other materials, and can be widely consumed. Also,accepted and become the preferred packaging for coffee producers. Unlike ordinary coffee boxes, tin cans are more suitable for long-term storage and are more convenient to transport. Our factory develops and designs a variety of exquisite tinplate coffee packaging products based on the characteristics of the tinplate itself.

Advantages of tinplate coffee cans:

The use of tin canned coffee can more effectively reduce the contact between coffee and air, prevent moisture, avoid excessive deterioration, and is not easily damaged during transportation. The printing space of the tin can is large, and it can be printed by various new type of tin can printing methods, and the printed pattern will not be easily scratched or dropped.

Introduction to the design method of coffee cans:

1. coffee tin cans are generally selected as a primary material for the production of a high level first food grade tinplate.

2. design samples according to professional plane drawings.

3. engraving, convex, concave, flat carving, three-dimensional carving can be selected according to the different needs of enterprise products.

4. the iron sheet is first cut into rectangular tinplate pieces, the tinplate material is placed in a punching machine and rolled into a cylindrical shape, and the joints of the two ends are longitudinally welded and welded to form a cylindrical shape. One end of the cylinder and the bottom of the circle are mechanically rolled and sealed, and the other end is filled with a can lid prepared before being formed to form a packaging can.

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What are the benefits of drinking coffee for the human body?

1. Drinking coffee regularly can prevent radiation damage. Radiation damage, especially the radiation of electrical appliances, has now become a more prominent type of pollution.

2. Coffee has a certain influence on people's emotions. Experiments have shown that the average person who consumes 300 mg (about 3 cups of brewed coffee) of caffeine a day can have a good impact on the body's alertness and mood.

3. Coffee products contain certain nutrients. The tin can contains a small amount of iron into the coffee, and also contains niacin acid box vitamin B. The roasted coffee beans contain higher nutrients and contain free fatty acids, caffeine, and tannic acid.

4. The health care function of coffee. Coffee has certain anti-oxidation and heart-protection, strong bones and muscles, waist and knees, appetizing and promoting food, eliminating fat and eliminating product, dehumidifying decoction, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and preventing wind and phlegm. The coffee in the tin cans is better, faster and lasting.

5. Three cups of coffee a day can also help prevent gallstones. For caffeine-containing products, it can stimulate gallbladder contraction and effectively reduce cholesterol in bile that easily evolve into gallstones. Researchers at Harvard University have recently shown that men who insist on drinking two or three cups of coffee a day produce gallstones in their bodies. The probability is less than 40%.

6. Coffee can effectively eliminate the fatigue of the human body. To eliminate fatigue, you must supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic functions, while coffee has these functions.

7. Coffee also has certain benefits to the skin. Coffee can effectively promote the body's metabolic function, activate the digestive organs, and has great effects on constipation.

8. Coffee has a certain hangover function. Drinking a cup of coffee after drinking can quickly oxidize the ethanol converted from alcohol and decompose it into water and carbon dioxide to be discharged from the body.

9. Because caffeine is a softer stimulant in coffee, it can effectively improve the sensitivity, attention and accelerate the metabolism of the human body, and can effectively improve the physical and mental state of the human body. However, too much coffee can cause the heart rate to speed up, so coffee must be consumed in moderation.

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