Tinplate biscuit box

- Jul 20, 2018 -

The packaging of biscuit boxes on the market is usually cartons and plastic packaging. Nowadays, the tinplate biscuit box is becoming more and more popular. Today we will introduce you to the tinplate biscuit box.

The tinplate biscuit box can also be called a biscuit tin box. It is usually made of tinplate and is a very high-grade iron box package. Tinplate biscuit boxes can be made into a variety of delicate shapes, such as heart, leaf, tree and so on. The tinplate printing is very beautiful, and if it is engraved, it will be more vivid.

In the European market, the most used tinplate biscuit box is the cookie tin box. More shapes are also round packages. Many customers are a bit worried that tinplate is poisonous and they are not used to directly contact food. In fact, this idea is wrong. Tinplate is a very safe and non-polluting material. Generally, canned milk powder is also made of tinplate. Therefore, it is safe to put cookies directly.

What are the benefits of the tinplate biscuit box? 

cookie tin box.jpg

1. Beautifully printed. After the tinplate is printed, the color is very bright, the pattern is not faded for a long time, people are visual creatures, and the beautiful printing on the tinplate biscuit box can stimulate the eyes of consumers and promote consumption.

2. Generally, biscuits are more prone to moisture. When we can't finish eating, if it is carton pack or plastic wrap, then the biscuits must be eaten quickly after they are opened. Generally, they can't stay overnight, and they can only be thrown away and waste. But packaging with tinplate is not the same. The tinplate biscuit box can store biscuits for a long time. If you can't eat it and cover it for a few days, it will not affect the taste of the biscuit. Effectively reduce waste.

3. Buying home, if it is a biscuit packaging of other materials, such as paper, after opening means that the paper has no use value, and it is bound to stay in the trash. However, the tinplate biscuit box is different. After the customer opens it, it is generally reluctant to throw it away directly, and it will be kept at home to store some small parts or other food. This not only conforms to the concept of green environmental protection, but also retains the brand image of the biscuit box, which is conducive to creating a biscuit brand.

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