Tin cans maintenance

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The tin cans are usually preserved as long as they are not placed below zero under 15 degrees centigrade. You can choose tin cans on display rack as ornamental items, let it show its natural charm with its soft and round color, and it can also be used in daily life.

As tin cans are not plated on any material, they eliminate the trouble of falling off the surface, and only a simple maintenance can maintain the original luster of the tin cans.

1, only clean with clean water or neutral detergent, and then dry with a soft dry cloth.

2, tin cans should avoid oil stains as far as possible, such as carelessly stained with some dirt that is difficult to remove. Avoid using hard objects to scrape. It can be cleaned with cigarette ash and pure cotton cloth. It can be decontamination. Local stains can be cleaned with pure cotton cloth and polished paste.

Tin products, 3 grinding surface, can be cleaned with warm soapy water; and smooth tin utensils, high-quality wipe after wash water, can keep a bright luster.

4, if you live in the sea, please wipe with a damp cloth often tin crafts, because the air in the salt will make it shine dark.

5, after cleaning must be thoroughly washed and dried in time, because the residual detergent and water will destroy the tin surface gloss.

6, the melting point of tin is low (231.89 degrees C), and should not be baked in a long time.

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