Tin cans and anti-counterfeit tanks

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Tea on the market before the end to tin based, ancient man in love with tin to purify the water to make the taste more sweet, tin is harmless to human body, like cold. In general, metal will have a kind of so-called metal taste, but tin is not, maybe it is a gift to us. Tin cans made of tin are stronger than other ones because of their own materials, and because the tank is thicker, the tank neck is high and the temperature is constant. The function of fresh-keeping is better.

Good tea needs good tea to store, especially delicate Green Tea, on the preservation of higher requirements, if the use of tea cans not good, nutrition and flavor are lost, also easy to deteriorate, for good tea, have to say is a waste, this is the tea lovers can not tolerate.

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