Tin Boxes Quality Control - no excuses

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Is the quality of a tin box important? How important is it? What do you think of it?

“There is no excuse” is an important code of conduct that the West Point Military Academy has been pursuing for more than 200 years. It reinforces that every student must do everything he can to accomplish any task, rather than looking for excuses for not completing a task, even if it seems to be a very reasonable excuse, this code of conduct It is a perfect execution ability, a kind of obedience and honest attitude, and a responsible professionalism.

Indeed, the excuse is a hotbed for a person to delay, any excuse is to delay the time, choose an excuse between excuses and responsibilities or choose to be responsible. It reflects the attitude of everyone. No matter what happened during the work, no excuses, no failures, no mistakes, no matter how good the excuses no longer have the meaning of the matter itself, the failure of many things is actually caused by those who have been paralyzed. Our excuse. In the production of tin cans, we need this, do not give up the effort, do not let go of any mistakes, do not look for the wrong mouth for excusing ourselves, and have the courage to bear the responsibility of a tin box manufacturer.

At the same time, excuses are also a very bad habit. Once anyone develops the habit of finding excuses, it will only make the work more protracted and without any efficiency. If this person is an employee of the tinplate production workshop, then it is possible to have a mass quality accident in the production product. Quality problems have already arisen. One of the direct consequences of finding excuses is delay, and delay is the most destructive and the most dangerous habit. In the case of fierce competition in the tin can packaging industry, these abuses are not only at any time. It affects the delivery of products, and even worse, it will bring serious economic losses and reputation losses to the company.

As Director of Quality Control for metal box, Director Xiao believes that there is no small matter in work, and we need to take everything seriously in our work. Don't use any excuse to excuse yourself for not completing your mission. There is no excuse for a beautiful, delicate tin cans. Work means having to take on a responsibility, and a strong sense of responsibility will make our company perform better.

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