Tin Box Manufacturing Process

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Each can is made of iron-printing-cutting-stamping-assembly-packing, which is done step by step.

(1) Iron materials: Generally, after confirming the order, order the most suitable iron material, type of iron material, size, etc. according to the layout plan. Iron materials are usually stored directly in the printing plant. For the identification of ferrous materials, visual inspection methods can usually be used to see if there are scratches on the surface, whether the lines are flat, and whether there are rust spots. The thickness can be measured with a micrometer, and the hand feel can feel the hardness.

(2) Printing: Both the film and the layout are provided to the printing plant. Printing companies usually arrange print and color print templates. During the printing process, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the color printing is the same as the template. Whether the position is accurate, whether it is contaminated, whether there is a scar or not. These problems are usually controlled by who owns the printer.

(3) Cutting: After the printed iron material is returned to the factory, it can be cut and cut according to the cutting bed. The mattress is cut to see if the operator cuts it according to the knife line and the length is uniform. Whether the worker scratches the other party when discharging the material must check the quality of the initial operation station.

(4) Stamping: Pressed iron sheet on a punch press. This is the most important task of the jar. Usually a jar must be divided into many processes to complete. The general procedure for the two-piece cans covered by the world is: Lid: Blanking - Flash - Winding. Bottom cover: blanking - flashing - pre-rolling - winding. The process of covering the bottom of the tank (back cover), lid: blanking - flashing - re-silk tank: blanking - pre-bending - cutting angle - forming - buckle - stamping (buckle bottom) - back cover. The bottom of the process is: cutting

If the jar is hinged, then the lid and the body are each a process: hinged.

In the stamping process, usually the largest product loss, should pay attention to the standardization of work operations, whether the product surface scratches, whether the suture suture line, the position of the buckle is fixed, the usual practice is to confirm the large-scale production before the confirmation The production of the sample and production according to the confirmed large sample can reduce a lot of trouble.

(5) Packing: After the stamping is completed, the packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembly, into plastic bags and packing. This link is a finishing work of the product, the cleaning of the product is very important, so the work should be done before the packaging clean work, and then follow the packaging method for packaging, more models of the product must be good and paragraph models to balance put. The most important thing to note in the packaging process is to reduce the number of defective products flowing into the finished product. The number of packages must be accurate.

(6) Each of the above processes can influence the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the production of the sample and operate according to the regulations. The mutual supervision can produce good quality.


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