The unique skills of tin cans in tin printing

- Nov 28, 2018 -

Tinlate printing is a necessary process in the production process of tin cans. In the daily life, we can see the delicate food cans, tea cans, gift packaging tin boxes, the surface is printed to different patterns and colors. Since tinplate materials are different from traditional paper and plastics, the methods used for printing are different. Let's talk about the unique skills of tinplate manufacturers in printing on tinplate.

Before the tinplate is printed, it is required to whiten the printing area, because white is the background color of all colors, and after printing the white color, the color will be better highlight. Usually the white background color needs to be twice printed by a monochrome machine, and the white color can be printed evenly. At the same time, white lacquer and tinplate need to have good adhesion, and need to be baked at high temperature without discoloration.

The tinplate printing has higher requirements on color. In addition to the high degree of water resistance of the coloring material, the canning factory has higher requirements on the coloring and durability of the pigment, in addition to the characteristics of the usual offset printing ink. It should also have heat resistance. The surface of the tinplate can not be saturated with moisture. The ink is fixed by heat and needs to be baked at a high temperature.

Because the tinplate box is not soaked in water, it is required to be equipped with a drying room in the printing process. The printing ink needs to be fully contacted with the surface of the iron sheet through high-temperature baking. It is insoluble in water and does not adsorb solvent. This is also the biggest difference with other printing way.

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