The reason for the hot tinplate packaging market

- Jul 27, 2018 -

The environmental pollution problem brought by traditional plastic packaging has been gradually paid more attention. The tinplate packaging is more and more popular in the food, cosmetics, tea and other industries. Traditional plastic packaging will soon be eliminated by the market, and the survival of paper packaging will be more difficult. Therefore, environmentally-friendly materials such as tinplate that can be used repeatedly are highly praised and welcomed by the market.

In addition to the environmentally-friendly advantages of the tinplate, the tinplate has a unique seal, and the preservation of food nutrition and sensory quality is better than plastic and carton packaging. Changes in consumer demand and rising consumption levels have made tin cans more valuable, and the market has placed higher demands on metal cans. The use of tin boxes as a product packaging is more grade, suitable for high-demand industries such as gifts, food, tea, cosmetics. The engraving of the tin box logo can also better spread the popularity of the company's product brand and increase the market share of its products.

The use of tin boxes as outer packaging can also protect fragile products from being damaged many times during transportation, greatly reducing the damage of articles during transportation, and will not be deformed by the extrusion of transportation, like when the fragile food such as potato chips and biscuits is packed in carton plastic, it is not convenient to transport, and the damage caused during transportation causes the company to lose a lot.

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