The innovation of tinplate box packaging shape

- May 21, 2018 -

The innovation of tinplate box packaging shape can play a vital role in product vitality

    The innovative shape of tinplate box packaging can play a role in revitalizing the product and attract consumers' attention, thus promoting the product's sales. When using the profiling method for shape innovation,


    The first step is to select the shape object to be imitated according to the market orientation of the product sales, and then to simplify and condense the shape to be imitated, not only to be similar .


    Then, with the characteristics of tinplate processing, the characteristics of design patterns, and the shape characteristics of the contents, structural innovations should be made. At the same time, ease of use and safety should also be considered, so that the consumption psychology of models, contents, and consumers can be coordinated. Making full use of the functions of packaging is the trend of packaging design.


    Hand-push type food box, the box shape is rectangular, the bottom of the box is flush with the edge relative to the outside, and the depth of the punching is the same as the curling height. After the box bottom is crimped with the box body, the structure of the box cover is more complicated. The inner edge is rolled, one end of the cover cuts off the cover, then the inner fold is pressed tightly, and a circular transition is made with the cover body. Several positioning points are punched on the cover surface, and the push-type function is realized after the cover is closed. The structure is simple and novel, and is suitable for the packaging of children's food. After the children finish eating the contents, the packaging can be used as a stationery box, which is in line with the purchasing psychology of children and children's parents.

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