The future development trend of candy packaging

- Jul 16, 2018 -

In most people's impressions, candy is a sweet package, it is very bright, and now the variety of candy is more and more flavors, so how can consumers remember our candy? Candy packaging has become the key to attracting consumption now, and the beautiful packaging in the same flavor of candy packaging is definitely more choice, because visual judgment before eating tastes 80% of consumer purchasing decisions. Let's talk about the trends in the future of candy packaging.

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As far as packaging is concerned, the more stable a brand is, the less the incentive to expand into new markets. The consequence of this is that there are more and more packages in the store that look similar. If the confectionery industry wants to enter a new food market and attract a new customer base, it must work hard on candy packaging. As far as candy packaging is concerned, it continues to be hot due to its vast consumer base and active change cycle, but consumers' consumption psychology will be different in each period.

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The packaging form of candy and chocolate should be determined by the market, and the packaging technology should be determined by the characteristics of the product. A typical solution to this is to use a pattern design that immediately identifies the brand. The design must also cater to the competition of commodities, continue to innovate, and give people a visual impact. Fortunately, the candy market has noticed this and is updating its product packaging to meet the changing needs of the society. Now, the boundaries between the different products are blurring, and it has been difficult to distinguish which ones are sweets and which are other foods.

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In the confectionery industry, major confectionery brands can easily control the market because consumers around the world have already recognized these products both psychologically and in terms of taste. For example, the bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market, because the tin box packaging is more suitable for young people's consumer psychology, the products are very popular. In addition, due to the increased awareness of ecological protection, more environmentally friendly tin box packaging has become more and more popular.

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