The function and advantages of commodity metal packaging

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Among the dazzling array of packaging, metal packaging is a popular packaging for consumers in recent years. The metal packaging box not only has a bright appearance, but also the design of various shapes allows us to see it in life. Let's take a look at the functions and advantages of the metal packaging box.

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Tinplate tin cans are widely used in food packaging, gift packaging, household goods, medicine, chemicals, etc., among which the largest number of food packaging. The largest user of metal packaging is the food industry, which touches on "tea, moon cakes, health and beauty, candy, cooking oil, and more and more products are starting to use metal packaging.

In the production of metal packaging, tinplate materials are the mainstay. Because of the continuous improvement and improvement of tinplate printing skills and processing techniques, tinplate packaging is becoming more and more widely used.

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Features and advantages of metal box making:

Tinplate has better barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading, and aroma retention than any other material, and the seal is strong to protect the product. The metal material has a good printing function, the picture logo is gorgeous and beautiful, and the prepared packaging container is obvious to all. It is an excellent selling package. Metal packaging boxes can be made into various shapes according to different requirements, such as round, oval, square, rectangular, and special shapes, which satisfy the packaging requirements of different products and make the packaging containers more changeable. Has won the favor of a wide range of consumers.

The metal packaging box is exquisite and beautiful, with its own metallic luster, coupled with colorful graphic printing, which adds to the beauty of the product, which makes the packaging level high. When consumers give gifts, they usually choose products wrapped in metal cans.

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The metal packaging box is green and environmentally friendly. The tinplate can be reused and recycled. The recycling is very environmentally friendly. It not only recovers capital, but also saves power and can eliminate environmental pollution. Even if it is scattered in the soil after rusting, it will not have a bad influence on the environment. The metal box is more clean, because it uses the proper ink to print, so that it can reach the food requirements in terms of cleaning.

As a custom manufacturer of tin boxes with 14 years of experience, the production process of tin boxes is very mature. The tinplates produced by our company can satisfy the buyers regardless of the shape design, product quality and delivery time. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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