The difference between tinplate and frosted iron in tinplate cans

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Tinplate iron in tinplate can also be called tin iron and ordinary iron. Its price is cheaper than frosted iron. Its surface is free from sand. It is printed with a layer of white on the base layer and then printed in various exquisite designs. It can also be used as a variety of gold and silver. Iron printing, in the light can be returned to light, giving a dazzling feeling, but also high-end, prices are affordable, so tin-plated iron printing cans made by the widespread customer's favorite.

The matte iron in tinplate is also called silver iron, and its surface is sand, so people usually call it silver iron. Its price is one of the more expensive ones in tinplate material, and it is generally used in tin cans without printing. Tin cans, if the iron cans are printed, they are usually sand, so they are generally printed by iron. The tensile and hardness of the brushed iron are generally not good with tinplate. There are some specifications of tinplate that are not suitable for use. For stretching relatively large products.



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